1. I (the Customer) confirm that I am over the age of 18.

  3. I confirm that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Mountain Expeditions as provided which, together with the provisions of this Disclaimer, comprise the entire agreement between myself and Mountain Expeditions in respect of the Expedition.

  5. I agree to be bound by and obey all rules, regulations, terms and conditions specified by Mountain Expeditions during all aspects of my participation or involvement with the Expedition including, without limitation, everything contained within this Disclaimer, the Terms and Conditions of Mountain Expeditions and any other applicable safety rules as may be specified from time to time.

  7. I acknowledge that I owe a duty to myself and others whilst engaging in the Expedition to ensure that I do not take any action or step or do or fail to do anything so as to endanger my safety and/or the safety of others.

  9. I confirm that I will not attempt to repair, modify or tamper with any equipment provided to me for any purpose whilst engaging in the Expedition. I further confirm that I will comply with all instructions and any directions issued by Mountain Expeditions or any other authorised leader in relation to the safe and proper use of such equipment.

  11. I acknowledge that engaging in the Expedition can be physically and mentally demanding and may place me at risk of physical and/or mental harm. I confirm that I am in good health and know of no reason, physical or mental, why I should be unable to participate in the Expedition and engage in the activities comprised therein or would otherwise be advised by a competent medical professional not to engage in the Expedition.

  13. I acknowledge that engaging in the Expedition may be dangerous and may place me and my fellow team members at risk of physical and/or mental harm. I therefore recognise that my participation in the Expedition is entirely at my own risk and that I will assume all risks of loss, damage, injury or death which may arise and/or be sustained.

  15. I acknowledge that no guarantee can be given that the Expedition will achieve its ultimate goal as this can be affected both by personal factors, such as my health and physical ability, and also by external factors, such as weather and mountain conditions.

  17. I confirm that Mountain Expeditions is entitled at any time and for any reasonable reason to refuse to allow me to continue to participate in the Expedition.

  19. I acknowledge and agree that I will not hold Mountain Expeditions or any other company which Mountain Expeditions has engaged to assist in the Expedition (together the “Parties”) liable for any illness, loss, injury or death sustained before, during or after my participation in the Expedition and that I irrevocably indemnify and hold the Parties harmless from and against all costs and expenses (including legal costs), actions, proceedings, claims, demands and damage arising from a breach by myself of the undertakings contained herein or arising from any act or omission of myself.

  21. Without prejudice to paragraph 9 above, I further acknowledge and agree that under no circumstances will any of the Parties be liable for any actual or alleged indirect loss or consequential loss howsoever arising suffered by myself or any other and/or related third party (including my employer if applicable) including, but not limited to, loss of earnings, profits, business or opportunity or any other sort of economic loss.

  23. I confirm that I understand the necessity to take out adequate insurance, to cover both personal injury and property, at my own expense in order to participate in the Expedition, especially to cover the needs of air rescue from any location connected with the Expedition, and that I will be solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining such insurance to cover all relevant risks of my participation in the Expedition.

  25. Subject to the Cancellation Policy set in the Mountain Expeditions Terms and Conditions, I confirm that I understand that all and any monies paid to Mountain Expeditions are non-refundable (except at the sole discretion of Mountain Expeditions) should I be unable to or decide for any reason not to participate in or continue with the Expedition, or should I fail to arrive at the notified Expedition rendezvous place, and that I am responsible for taking out any necessary insurance to cover against any loss incurred by me due to my having to cancel or withdraw from the Expedition and/or not being able to participate in or continue with the Expedition for any such reasons.

  27. I confirm that it is my responsibility to arrange and pay for all travel costs and accommodation (except as expressly stated as included within the Expedition Cost) and to ensure that I arrive at the notified Expedition rendezvous place by the date and time designated. If I arrive late then it will be entirely my responsibility and at my cost if I choose to attempt to join the Expedition late. I confirm that it is my responsibility to take out all necessary insurances against all and any matters relating to such travel including, without limitation, insolvency of any flight provider, cancelled flights and delays, and loss of and damage to my property.