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Join us in Snowdonia, North Wales, home to some of the finest mountaineering terrain in the UK. Between the black and white of hillwalking and rock climbing, there remains a lot of very really exciting terrain – Scrambling!

Scrambling in North Wales requires relatively short walk ins, allowing us to cover a lot of ground in just one day, often linking up multiple scrambles.

We offer all levels of scrambling whether it’s your first time, your looking to advanced your scrambling or you’re looking for instruction to becoming an independent mountaineer. 

Mountain Expeditions offer professional and personable Scrambling and Mountaineering courses tailored specifically to you. Our North Wales Instructors are not only highly qualified and experienced, but they understand that learning these skills and making judgments takes time and dedication.


“Mountain Expeditions is always my first choice. The instructors competence, matched with their enthusiasm and coupled with their ability to bond with the group and deliver perfect results, is the reason I will book and rebook time and time again.” Dave Talbot

Expedition Facts

  • Duration:

    2 days
  • Activity:

    Scrambling & Mountaineering
  • Accommodation:

    Self arranged
  • Difficulty Level:

    C1 (Explain this)
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  • Map
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  • Difficulty Level
  • In-country Safety


Our courses are suitable for all levels and are tailored specifically to you, offering you complete autonomy and flexibility during your time spent with us. Prior to your course, we will liaise with you to understand what level your scrambling is currently at and, what you hope to achieve in the days you have booked.

We offer scrambling courses based in beautiful Snowdonia, North Wales. Scrambling is best undertaken from April through to October. You can choose any dates that suit you and we’ll find the very best instructor to match your objectives. Some examples of our most popular courses are below.


Introduction to scrambling

The classic grade one scrambles, such as Crib Goch, are a milestone for any outdoor person. Our introduction days are typically upto a maximum ratio of 1:4 and we don’t aim to use a rope, instead we focus on good, efficient movement and route selection.


Stepping it up scrambler

For most people grade two ground will require a rope. On this course you’ll spend time getting use to where the boundaries lie between challenging yourself and staying safe.


Extreme scrambler

Some of the toughest scrambles such as Cniefion Arete are pushing into the realms of rock climbing. Techniques at this top end are excellent preparation for alpine terrain found on peaks such as the Matterhorn.


Independent scrambler

If you have aspirations to lead yourself on your own adventures, we can help you upskill. We’ll aim to teach you the balance between maximum safety and highly efficient activity days.


Pricing, Dates & Availability

Private Scrambling & Mountaineering

Our scrambling & mountaineering courses are instructed on a 1:1 – 1:4 basis depending on the level.
We offer dates from April through to October – you can choose the dates that suit you best.
We’ll find the very best instructor available to match your objectives!



Plan Your Scrambling & Mountaineering

1. Choose the dates that best suit you
2. Click on ‘Book My Scrambling’ button (just below) and fill in the Contact Us fields
3. We’ll call/email you to discuss the course and the details
4. We’ll then create a unique URL for your booking and send you the link!


From £220 per day
April to October
2 day minimum booking



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