Join Mountain Expeditions and climb Elbrus via the north side, at 5642m it's the highest mountain in Europe!


Elbrus at 5642m is the highest mountain in Europe and one of the world famous 7 summits! The northside of Elbrus is a unique and exciting place offering a quieter and more remote expedition experience. Surrounded by vast open valleys carved by glaciers, funky mushroom shaped rocks and the towering twin peaks of Elbrus itself, getting to the summit is never easy but the effort makes for an unforgettable shared journey.

  • Entirely planned & organised by Mountain Expeditions (16+ expeditions)
  • Lead by highly experienced UK Expedition Leaders
  • Smaller teams & higher guide ratios
  • A relaxed itinerary with rest days and a built in 2 day weather window
  • The best local logistics available to support the expedition
  • 97% summit success over 16 expeditions

Mountain Expeditions offer professional and personable Open Expeditions allowing you to join a group of like-minded team members. We strive to create a welcoming team atmosphere and an environment where everyone can achieve their aims. We also offer the option of leading Private Expedition groups.


“An incredible trip, superbly organised, lead with passion & professionalism – absolutely loved it!” Ben Herbert

Expedition Facts

  • Duration:

    11 days
  • Activity:

    High Altitude
  • Accommodation:

    Hotel & Tents
  • Kit List:

  • Difficulty Level:

    B2 (Explain this)
Elbrus (North) - Mountain Expeditions Elbrus (North) - Mountain Expeditions
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Mt Elbrus at 5642m is Europe’s highest mountain and the perfect first big alpine peak. Technically straight forward, Elbrus presents a fantastic objective as one of the world famous 7 summits!

Situated in the quiet western Caucasus mountain range in Russia, we’ll gradually gain height and acclimatise well, before making an attempt to the highest point in Europe. Once acclimatised, our route follows the northern snow slopes to the col between Elbrus’ twin summits, before ascending to the West Peak – the true summit of Europe’s highest mountain!


Organised and lead by Mountain Expeditions

Mountain Expeditions are expedition specialists – simply put we love organising and delivering world class expeditions. We understand that joining any of our expeditions is a big deal, so we try and make sure everything is perfect from start to finish.


UK Expedition Leader

Mountain Expeditions employ a small number of the UK’s most experienced High Altitude Expedition Leaders and we will always send a UK Expedition Leader to facilitate your expedition. All of our leaders are chosen on their individual merits which we base on their mix of vast mountain experience, interpersonal skills and of course, qualifications.


Fully supported by local cooks, porters & guides

The truth behind organising and leading worldwide expeditions is that you need an excellent local in-country agent to work with. Over the years Mountain Expeditions have developed a long standing relationship with our local crews and the added value of our friendly and efficient local staff never goes unnoticed – we know it makes a big difference to your experience. Our local team are a huge part of your experience and make all the difference on the mountain.

Local Mountain Guides

With all our expeditions we partner with the very best local in-country agencies who shares our ethos of delivering outstanding expeditions. We believe that a combined leadership team built of a UK Expedition Leader and highly experienced local guides is the strongest and most successful way to deliver our expeditions. For Elbrus, a local guide will be with the team throughout the entire expedition and, if ratio’s require them, additional local guides will be used during the summit rotation.


Small teams & personal approach – maximum 8

On big mountains like Aconcagua we don’t believe leading Open Expedition teams of 10+ members is good practice and it certainly doesn’t offer a very personable experience! All our Open Expedition teams are capped at 8 resulting in a close knit, small team experience.


Very high summit success rate

We believe that our high summit success rate is down to a combination of smaller teams and using the most experienced High Altitude Expedition Leaders. This combination has shown time and time again that this is the safest approach whilst on the mountain.


11 day flexible itinerary with a 2 summit day window

Our itinerary has been chosen to make this trip the very best we believe it can be. We’ve built in climb high sleep low days to aid your acclimatisation, a full rest day before your summit attempt and of course there are some big days too! We have also built in a 2 day weather window to allow plenty of time to reach the summit (we can stretch this to three if needed).

A perfect non-technical high altitude peak

There are many reasons people climb big mountains and many reasons why you might choose Elbrus as your next one. Due to its low technicality, Elbrus offers a realistic opportunity to summit a big mountain without having years of experience. Please read our Trip Suitability section to find out more.


Accommodation: hotel & tents

Many of our expeditions start and finish in a bustling city in a really nice hotel or lodge. Maybe it’s first and last impressions that count or perhaps we just enjoy having nice accommodation when starting and finishing a trip but it’s what we do! On the mountain we make sure camp life is as comfortable as we can and ensure top quality camping equipment is used.

Pricing, Dates & Availability

Live Trip Status: When our trips are ‘Available‘ it means they are live & taking bookings. Once we’ve met the minimum numbers to confirm the trip, the status changes to ‘Confirmed‘ which is your green light to go ahead & book your flights & insurance. Once all the places are booked the trip will show as ‘Full‘.

Plan Your Own



Do you already have a team for Elbrus & want to choose specific dates that work for you?
Simply click on the ‘Plan your own’ button (just below) and fill in the Contact Us fields
We’ll call/email you to discuss the trip and the details
We’ll then create a unique Elbrus URL just for your group and send you the link so you can all book on together!



Are you dreaming of a little more luxury on the mountain, private 1:1 guiding perhaps? Or do you simply want a unique experience or to put a special twist on it? Whether it’s a different route, you want to use helicopters, take along a TV crew or adventure photographer, let us know and we can bring together the very best people in the world for your once-in-lifetime expedition.



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