Published: February 14th 2020

In the fall of 2019 Montane published 6 videos in a marketing campaign dubbed Performance Edge:


“The Performance Edge describes the void beyond your comfort zone, where success or failure can be decided by how well you can operate beyond your limits.

It takes a lot to get there, requiring years honing a craft to perfection in the toughest of conditions. In situations the less experienced, tough, and strong would not find themselves in, let alone get themselves out of.

And yet it is something we strive for; to find comfort via the competent application of experience, mental toughness, and physical ability. It is somewhere our world-class stable of athletes have some experience of, whether it be when summiting unclimbed Himalayan peaks, forging new Scottish winter routes, or racing the world’s most demanding ultra marathons”



You can check out the other 5 videos including Simon Yearsley, Malcom Bass, Rebecca Coles, Debbie Martini-Consani & Marcus Scotney on the Montane Youtube Channel.

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