Published: June 12th 2019

In January 2019 I had the pleasure of sitting down Daniel Neilson of the Further Faster Podcast. It was a lot of fun chatting to him about all things mountains, life, failures, success and what’s next. It is sometimes difficult when you’re put on the spot to answer perfectly, but that’s part of the challenge of it.

The other Podcasts in the series are all very inspiring and definitely worth a listen too from Ultra Runners to Alpinists to Photographers and Cyclists.

The following is the Podcast blurb from Daniel, and you can listen listen in just below. I hope you enjoy it!


In this episode, we speak to Jon Gupta. He is a mountaineer. A very, very good mountaineer, one who specialises in very very big mountains. But he’s also an expedition guide, notably working with a previous interviewee Steve Plain for his 7 Summits project. He’s a penchant for more remote, lesser-known mountains. But over the last couple of years, he’s also run the Bob Graham round, and the the 430-Yukon Arctic Ultra.. on his second attempt.  

We chat as Jon was on his way to Chamonix, in his van, to climb, just for himself. At the age of 32, Jon is also going through something that nearly everyone listening to this will recognise – the search for balance. In this podcast, we delve into the choices he makes. The choices of risk and the choices of training, the choices of summits and the choices of life balance. It’s a fascinating listen, disarmingly honest, plus he’s a lovely fella. Listen in.



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